Bywater PSCM have an extensive client base, having delivered a range of commercial training and consultancy services to clients in UK organisations in the private, public and third sector, some of whom are featured below:

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Bywater PSCM Clients Collage
Bywater PSCM Clients Collage
Bywater PSCM Clients Collage
Bywater PSCM Clients Collage
Bywater PSCM Clients Collage
Bywater PSCM Clients Collage

Bywater PSCM Clients | Client Feedback

At Bywater PSCM we greatly value all the feedback we receive from our clients – it is one of the important mechanisms we have to continuously improve what we do. Here are some examples of some of the recent client feedback we have received:

“Having recently attended the 2 day contract management training organised by Birmingham Adult Education Service (designed and delivered by Bywaterpscm) I can say that I found it to be highly beneficial to my role as a Leisure Client and Project manager. I am relatively new to this role and the information provided both verbally and in the resources we were provided will be extremely useful going forward. The course was well structured I felt and it was clear that a lot of time and pre-course preparation had gone into it. The various workshops and role playing we were involved in during the 2 days were of relevance and helped to embed the information and put it into real life situations. I would have no hesitation in recommending this training to any colleagues that are required to carry out contract management work.”

Birmingham City Council, Leisure Project & Client Manager

“Good way to spend my day!”; “Good breadth of knowledge and good to have different approaches and different departmental experience”; “Very good and very well run”; “The tutor answered every question and created an open environment which allowed the team to throw themselves into the course”.

Concha y Toro UK – multi-delegate feedback

“Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) started the roll-out of its contract management training programme in August 2014 and so far over 90% of all contract managers have successfully completed their level of “Passport to Practice”. The training programme provided an opportunity to gather all contract managers together and enhance their skills as well as competencies in accordance with the organisational contract management framework.

Contract managers have since highlighted the benefits of this training as being:

  • Learning from others’ experience
  • Gaining confidence in doing the job
  • Sharing good practice such as through the action learning sets

Feedback on the training provider Bywater PSCM and the quality of their training has been excellent and the new community of GCC contract managers has been provided with greater visibility within the organisation.”

Gloucestershire County Council, Commercial Specialist

“A very enjoyable course, a very approachable trainer, very good course materials and I would recommend the course to colleagues”; “The course was very well delivered with good techniques and open discussion.”

NHS England, multi-delegate feedback

“Great Workshop”; “Very informative and motivating”; “Overall the training requirement is spot on addressing the current need”; “Generally very good training and quite informative.”

World Mission Agency, multi-delegate feedback

“Very informative and enjoyable”;” Really good course, paced very well and good content”; “The course was very strong and I will feedback this to my directorate. It was fast and packed which kept us focused. The tutor accommodated a wide range of participant experience well”; “Well presented”; “Very well presented and appropriate”; “Tutor was very good”; “Good course”; “I certainly feel the course went really well.”

Birmingham Adult Education Service, multi-delegate and BAES sponsor feedback

“A very interesting and relevant course and I will be using the knowledge gained! The tutor drew out lots of salient issues and points”; “Excellent training, trainer has excellent knowledge, style and presentation very engaging. Fully enjoyed the content and delivery style”; “Thank you, very enjoyable and easy going”; “The trainer was very helpful and knowledgeable”; “Great course”; “The tutor was very approachable and flexible and this made for a satisfying experience”; “I found the course to be useful and enjoyable.”

Westminster City Council – multi-delegate feedback

“Really enjoyable, would recommend to others”; “Well presented and interesting”; “Very easy to engage with the trainer – able to ask questions and recommendations really helpful”; “Really great course – feel so much more confident to challenge decisions if needed”; “Tutor was very knowledgeable and helpful. Will take away some good learning which can be practically applied”; ”…the course has been very helpful and engaging.”

Richmond Fellowship – multi-delegate feedback

“An excellent course, well delivered”; “Very relevant to my role, appropriate content and well delivered”; “Well presented course, very informative and set at the right pace”; “Very enjoyable and useful course that I will be taking forward in the work environment.”

Bridgewater College – multi-delegate feedback

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