Successful bidding for new business is becoming increasingly more challenging and competitive as organisations become more sophisticated in their sourcing strategies and streamlined in their procurement processes. The bidding process for the fulfilment of outsourcing projects is also becoming increasingly resource intensive as tenderers become more demanding in their requirements of bidders in their search for the right supply partners. It is therefore imperative that sales organisations approach the bidding process in such a way as to optimise available resource utilisation and success (win) rates.

This 2 day workshop is designed to provide delegates with a good understanding of Bidding and Tendering processes and terminology offering good practice suggestions as to how they and their businesses should approach the bidding process in order to optimise their resource utilisation and business win success rates.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this workshop, delegates will be better able to:

  • Explain the objectives, risks and activities at each bidding and tendering process phase
  • Identify and prioritise good business opportunities
  • Structure (plan), deliver and contribute effectively to bidding activities
  • Develop a consistent and coherent approach to proposal writing.
  • Highlight “discriminators” through win themes and value propositions when writing proposals
  • Improve their probability of success (win-rate) for proposals / bids made


  • Importance of the bidding and tendering process
  • Overview of the bidding process phases
  • Identifying bid opportunities
  • Factors to consider when prioritising bid opportunities
  • Understanding customers and engagement with them
  • Best practice proposal preparation, including:
    • Estimating and pricing
    • Proposal structure and content
    • Highlighting “discriminators”
  • Legal elements of bidding and tendering
  • Bidding process constraints and considerations:
    • Documentation
    • UK Public Sector Procurement Regulations and tandstill periods
    • Iterative tendering
  • Challenges of bidding overseas

 Who should attend

  • Personnel within a customer facing organisation involved with or about to become involved in a commercial venture
  • Business Development, Engineering, Project and other staff involved in the development and writing of bids and tenders
  • Managers involved in the development of company new business development strategy and goals

In-house Courses     

This course can be readily customised or adapted to enable client specific policies, approaches, challenges and opportunities to be incorporated into the training materials and delivery.

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