Bywater PSCM has extensive experience of supporting organisations in the development of organisational specific commercial competency frameworks, competency assessments and training needs analysis, as well as engaging with them to develop plans to address competency gaps including training for existing staff and recruitment of new staff.

Training effectiveness analysis can be carried out by our experienced team to ensure that the skills development undertaken meets your organisational needs, suits the learning styles of individual employees and is focused on post learning action and embedding.

Competency Development Abstract

Competency Framework Development and Review

The development of a competency framework linked to your corporate, functional or divisional objectives, governance and commercial operating environment is the first step in ensuring that the knowledge, skills and behaviour of your teams are at an appropriate level, are deployed into your organisational structure in the most effective way, and are working in harmony with your commercial policies and processes to meet the needs of the organisation, the employees themselves and the variety of other stakeholders involved.

Using our methodology for Competency Framework Development, which is highly configurable to the needs of individual organisations, or supporting your organisation in the effective use of your own approach, Bywater PSCM will work with you to ensure that there is a  a deep understanding of the commercial knowledge, skills, behaviours and standards required.

Competency Assessments

Assessing individuals and teams against the competencies required of their commercial role ensures that gaps in knowledge and skills are identified and addressed in order to: adjust or raise the standard of performance; support the employee with any shortfalls in confidence as well as in their personal ambitions, and make the organisation and its processes more efficient.

Bywater PSCM will work with sponsors and line managers to assess individuals against the competency framework using a range of techniques including tests, structured and semi-structured interviews.  The outputs from these assessments will be cross-checked against line manager’s assessments, performance reviews and if available peer reviews. They will then be calibrated to ensure that consistency of assessment has been maintained. These can then be reported at the individual, functional and corporate level so that the management team has a clear view on commercial competency gaps.

Competency assessments will then form the basis of Training Needs Analysis as well as informing your Recruitment Strategy Development.

Training Needs Analysis

The team at Bywater PSCM have undertaken Training Needs Analysis for a range of organisations in both the public and private sector. The efficient and effective use of training investment budgets can only be achieved if commercial training is focussed in the correct areas, is designed to have impact, is embraced by the individuals and is managed well. Working with our clients our Training Needs Analysis will identify the most suitable interventions which may include: job enrichment, job enlargement, coaching or specific technical or behavioural training. We can then help you with the successful design, delivery and management of that training, including complimentary training from Bywater PSCM partners or other providers. Crucial to the whole process is Training Effectiveness Analysis.

Training Effectiveness Analysis

Working with our clients Bywater PSCM can support the evaluation of training that has taken place within the organisation to ensure that the knowledge was transferred, the employee was satisfied with the training and motivated to implement the learning, that there is evidence of suitable commercial behaviour change, that performance of individual, group and process had increased, and that there was an evidenced return on the training investment. In more volatile and perhaps innovative environments, this also serves to keep the training and development process agile, ensuing it meets the needs of a changing environment.

Recruitment Strategy Development

The development of a recruitment strategy ensures that the commercial knowledge, skills and behaviours required of the business today, the medium and long term are supportive of the business needs, operating environment and competitive market place.  Skills and behaviour gaps which can not be effectively addressed through training and development, need to be served by the recruitment of suitably qualified, experienced and motivated personnel. Reward and retention strategies are also crucial.

Bywater PSCM has the range and depth of experience to support you in your commercial recruitment. From developing the recruitment plans through to the drafting of job and person specifications, the engagement with the market, support with selection and induction.

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