The Bywater PSCM Contract Management course portfolio offers a range of available options to support improved contract management which are summarised below. Whilst all these courses are available off-the-shelf we are also specialists in customising training to address client specific Contract Management challenges and objectives.

Contract Management – Fundamentals Course (1day)

  • Designed to build awareness of the contract management lifecycle and factors critical to the successful management of external supply contracts.
  • Suitable for staff new to contract management or other contract stakeholders indirectly involved in managing contracts who are interested in gaining an improved understanding of contract management principles.
  • Provides an understanding of what good contract management looks like.
  • Available as an “in-house” course, for company / group bookings only.

Contract Management – Practitioner Course (2days)

  • Designed to enhance the performance and confidence of staff involved in managing supply contracts, thereby optimising the delivery of value to their organisation.
  • Suitable for staff directly involved in managing supply contracts and managers responsible for supporting contract management staff.
  • Provides a detailed understanding of the contract management lifecycle, how to establish a robust contract management process, and insight to best practice contract management tools, techniques and approaches.
  • Available as an “in-house” course, for company / group bookings only.

Contract Management – Law Awareness Course (1day)

  • Designed to build staff confidence to contribute to the development and management of commercial relationships through their improved understanding of the fundamental concepts of contract law and the role and application of the written legal contract.
  • Suitable for procurement, contracts, project and new business development staff involved in the development, negotiation and management of contractual relationships.
  • The workshop examines key practical issues around the creation of legally binding contracts together with the principles behind, the meaning, and the commercial implications of many frequently used legal phrases and contract terms.
  • Provides insight to key considerations when drafting contract clauses and developing contracts together with the practical application of the legal contract throughout the contract lifecycle. This course may be tailored to focus on, and provide insight to, organisation specific supply contracts on an in-house basis.
  • Available as an “in-house” course, for company / group bookings only.

Contract Management – Contract Value Delivery Course (1day)

  • Designed to provide a framework to help contract managers identify and plan for contract improvement and value delivery.
  • Suitable for contract and procurement staff responsible for setting up, managing or overseeing supply contracts.
  • Provides a structured methodology for reviewing the effectiveness of a contract from a range of angles and exploring a range of value delivery options for incorporation into a contract improvement plan.
  • Available as an “in-house” course, for company / group bookings only.

Contract Management – Organisational Capability Enhancement Course (1day)

  • Designed to facilitate an understanding of organisational contract management capability against good practice and provide a sound basis, built on consensus, for planned improvement.
  • Suitable for groups of managers and key contract management staff involved in leading and developing organisational contract management capability
  • Provides the opportunity to benchmark current contract management process, policy and practice and build consensus for organisation-wide improvement.
  • Available as an “in-house” course, for company / group bookings only.
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