Delivering value from supply contracts through effective contract management is increasing in importance as organisations rely more and more on external suppliers and contractors to help them address ever increasing complexity in delivering their organisational objectives.

Staff responsible for managing contracts, who often have many other roles and responsibilities, can benefit greatly from clear organisational guidance and improved understanding of good contract management practice. Our experience in working with a variety of organisations across both public and private sectors has led us to develop a methodology to support contracts staff in prioritising their contract management effort towards maximising value from these supply arrangements.

This 1 day course is designed to provide a framework to help identify and plan for contract improvement and value delivery. It provides a structured approach to reviewing the effectiveness of a contract from a range of angles and the opportunity to share good contract management approaches.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course delegates will be able to confidently:

  • Conduct a Contract Value Delivery (Improvement) Project
  • Utilise a range of contract improvement tools and techniques
  • Identify potential improvements to deliver improved value from their contracts
  • Prioritise key areas for contract delivery improvement
  • Plan for and facilitate improved contract management with suppliers / stakeholders
  • Deliver tangible improvements and benefits from their supply contracts


  • The Importance of contract management
  • Critical success factors for effective contract performance
  • The Bywater PSCM Contract Value Delivery Methodology
    • Overview of the 4 phase process
    • Detailed activity breakdown of each stage
  • Establishing the current status of a supply contract
    • Key measures of contract status / success
    • Tools and techniques for assessing contract status and success
  • Identifying contract value delivery opportunities
    • Tools and techniques for identifying improvement opportunities
    • Developing and prioritising improvement options
  • Contract Improvement Planning and Implementation
    • Contract problem solving techniques
    • Value delivery implementation planning
    • Managing stakeholders and suppliers
    • Benefits delivery

Who should attend

  • Personnel responsible for managing supplier contracts
  • Managers responsible for supporting contract management staff (operations and procurement)

In-house Course Customisation

This course can be readily customised to enable client specific contract management policy, guidance and challenges to be incorporated into workshop materials and delivery.

As an in-house course this training offers a great opportunity for sharing and “standardising” good practice.

We also offer a post-course learning methodology which supports the embedding and application of good practice learned on the course back in the workplace, proven to deliver real value and ROI.

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