Delivering value from supply contracts through effective contract management is increasing in importance as organisations rely more and more on external suppliers and contractors to help them address ever increasing complexity in delivering their strategic and operational objectives.

There is therefore a growing realisation across all sectors of the need to develop strong contract management capability, both at the organisational and individual staff level, as a means of delivering maximum potential from their supply contracts.

Through our experience of working across both public and private sectors we have developed our own Contract Management Maturity Model to facilitate the assessment of corporate and functional capability against key areas recognised as being critical to successful contract management.

This 1 day, in-house course is designed to facilitate an understanding of your organisation’s contract management capability against good practice and provide a sound basis as well as consensus for planned improvement.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this workshop delegates will have:

  • Clarified the contract management challenges facing their organisation
  • Developed their understanding of the contract management lifecycle and process
  • Explored the factors critical to success in managing contracts
  • Assessed the current status of contract management in their organisation
  • Set goals and aspirations for the development of contract management capabilities
  • Developed an Action Plan towards improved organisation-wide contract management
  • Shared good contract management practice, knowledge and experience


  • Criticality of Contract Management to the organisation
  • Key challenges of managing contracts
  • Contract management critical success factors (eg. governance, performance management, relationship management)
  • The Bywater PSCM Contract Management Lifecycle Model
  • Benchmarking organisational contract management capability against best practice
  • Capability enhancement planning
    • Aspirations and target setting
    • Action planning

Who should attend

  • Managers responsible for leading organisational contract management capability
  • Key staff involved in contract management with visibility and valuable perspectives on organisational practices
  • Managers and staff from whom buy-in to improvement plans is critical

In house Course Customisation

This course is only suitable for running in-house due to its organisational specific orientation.

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