At Bywater PSCM our aim is always to exceed the expectations of our clients, in terms of the commercial value we add to their business and the impact we have on commercial staff performance in their place of work. We believe our proven ability to deliver commercial capability improvement for our clients, is built on three important imperatives:

Consultant and Trainer Capability

We pride ourselves in the quality of our network of commercial consultants and trainers. When you engage with Bywater PSCM to help you address your commercial challenges you will be working with skilled commercial consultants or trainers who are well qualified, knowledgeable about current commercial practices and experienced practitioners in their specialist fields ensuring engagement and credibility with your staff at all levels, essential for a successful outcome.

Client Alignment

Over the years Bywater PSCM have established and refined an approach to our training and consulting which puts you and your organisation at the heart of all our assignments.

As an in-house training course client you can be assured that your training will have been designed and delivered to align with your own commercial objectives and challenges. We are very experienced in customising training courses and programmes to align with organisation specific processes, policies and practices, providing the opportunity for meaningful application of key learning concepts by staff. We also pride ourselves in the interactive and engaging design and delivery or our courses, fundamental to effective learning.

Our client-led approach is also pivotal to our commercial consultancy assignments. When you engage with Bywater PSCM we will use our experience, supported by robust methodologies and best practice awareness to help you explore your commercial challenges and to identify and implement appropriate solutions which best fit your business circumstances. When it comes to implementation we are strong advocates of improvement and change needing to be implemented from within.

Robust Delivery Approach

Central to our training and consulting capability is the application of Bywater PSCM specific methodologies, models and benchmarks which are continually updated to reflect our experience and commercial best practice.

  • Over the years we have developed a range of Bywater PSCM best practice models for key commercial processes with accompanying guidance, checklists and templates. These can provide a structure for both consulting and training assignment delivery if client process models are not available to us.
  • Bywater PSCM process benchmarks and maturity models are available to support you in assessing your commercial process capabilities, providing an excellent basis for planned improvement.
  • We have a library of Commercial Skills and Competencies from which we can support you in the development of your own competency and skills framework and assessment of staff training needs.
  • We have documented and templated processes for training course materials development and consulting assignments, which ensure we engage successfully with you, understand your requirements and involve you in key decision making throughout the process.
  • Our training course and programme administration procedures are designed to ensure courses and assignments run smoothly and nothing is left to chance on the day.
  • Please click on the following links for more information on our training and consultancy offerings in Procurement, Supply Chain, Contract or Commercial management.
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