Energy is often a necessary and significant corporate expenditure but due to huge variability in price from year to year and the complexity of the market many businesses choose to subcontract their energy procurement and contract management to a specialist or ‘Third Party Intermediary’. This situation often leads to a great deal of internal doubt as to whether energy usage and costs are being managed effectively. To be effective in their role, procurement and energy managers need to understand how the markets operate, the choices they have and where they can apply influence to minimise their costs as well as risks in this area.

This 1 day course is designed to enhance the performance and confidence of personnel involved in purchasing and managing energy (particularly Gas and Electricity), thereby obtaining the best value from their external supply contracts.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course delegates will be able to confidently:

  • Understand how the energy markets and energy contracts work
  • Structure their approach to making and managing contracts with energy suppliers
  • Provide better input to the energy budgeting process and explain any cost / usage variances
  • Understand mandatory carbon reporting and how to comply
  • Make informed decisions to outsourcing aspects of this activity and how to select and manage “third party” services providers.
  • Deliver tangible improvements and benefits from their energy supply contracts


  • The technical and commercial aspects of energy use and energy cost
  • How the energy market is structured and how it operates
  • Energy price strategies and managing risk
  • Energy cost elements – what they are and what drives them
  • Energy taxes – how they have changed and likely to change in the future
  • Energy contracts – effective techniques for analysing energy tender offers and terms and conditions
  • Measuring price performance

Who should attend

  • Energy managers who want to understand the energy cost elements and how they can vary
  • Procurement managers responsible for sourcing energy efficiently
  • Other personnel engaged in the selection and management of third party intermediaries.

In-house Courses       

This course can be readily customised to enable client specific energy strategy, policy and guidance to be incorporated into course materials and delivery.


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