Delivering value (cost or otherwise) from procurement is increasing in importance as organisations rely more and more on external suppliers to help them address ever increasing complexity in delivering their organisational objectives, often in challenging operational and commercial circumstances.

It is therefore vital that procurement strategies and processes are robust, efficient and effective in matching business needs with supply market and supply chain capabilities and capacity, whilst also ensuring supply arrangements are commercially sound and deliver their expected benefits to the organization.

Through working with a variety of organisations across both public and private sectors we have developed our own methodology for reviewing procurement and contract management processes and sourcing strategies with the aim of identifying opportunities for cost reduction and value realisation linked to organisational objectives

This 2-day course is designed to provide a framework for the identification and planning of procurement related cost reduction and value delivery improvements

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this workshop delegates will be better able to:

  • Understand the importance of good procurement practice to their organisation
  • Understand how procurement objectives for areas of spend may be linked to those of their organisation
  • Understand the importance of key phases and activities in the Procurement Lifecycle
  • Contribute to the critique and improvement of current procurement practices
  • Undertake spend and portfolio analysis in order to identify and prioritise improvement opportunities
  • Understand the value levers available to them across the procurement cycle
  • Work with and influence stakeholder buy-in to proposed improvement approaches
  • Develop and implement a procurement cost reduction and value realisation plan


  • Analysing the operating environment and challenges facing the organisation
  • Detailed exploration of the Procurement Lifecycle
  • Procurement data and analysis
  • Product / service portfolio analysis and value realisation opportunities
  • Procurement lifecycle value levers
  • Opportunity identification and appraisal
  • Total cost management
  • Developing and implementing a Procurement Cost Reduction and Value Realisation Plan (PCR&VRP)

Who should attend

Procurement, contract management and operational management and staff involved in seeking, planning, implementing and delivering procurement cost reduction and value improvement initiatives.

In-house Courses     

This workshop can be readily customised to focus on client specific procurement challenges and to create consensus around a single Procurement Cost Reduction and Value Realisation Plan.

As an in-house workshop this training offers a great opportunity for organisations to review their procurement approaches and develop a common understanding of good procurement practice.

We also offer a post-workshop learning methodology which supports the embedding and application of good practice learned at the workshop back in the workplace, proven to deliver real value and ROI.


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