Tendering is a critical stage in the procurement of goods and services process which has a significant impact on the successful delivery of value for organisations in all sectors. Attracting and selecting the right suppliers to any organisation is an important means of gaining advantage in our increasingly competitive business environment.

Tendering involves significant commitment to resources by both the buying and supplier organisations and it is also crucial that the process is seen to be fair, transparent and ethical. It is therefore important that the process is executed by competent and skilled staff, and in accordance with organisational policy and defined procedures.

This 1 day course is designed to provide detailed insight into the tendering process to enable procurement staff to successfully tender for supplies in a competitive, fair and robust way.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this Tendering course delegates will:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the aims and objectives of tendering
  • Understand the importance of tendering efficiently and effectively
  • Understand the principles of organisational governance around tendering
  • Be able to manage the process effectively and in line with procurement strategy
  • Be familiar with the range of different tendering procedures available and when to use them
  • Understand the importance and roles of stakeholders throughout the process
  • Understand and be confident to manage a tender process / project


  • Tendering and the Procurement Lifecycle
  • Importance and benefits of tendering effectively
  • Tendering aligned to organisational objectives and procurement policy
  • Objectives and key principles of tendering
  • Single and multi-stage process options and variants
  • Key tender process step activities and approaches:
    • Tender project planning
    • Business case development
    • Specifying the requirement
    • Market understanding and engagement
    • Tender documentation and legal aspects
    • Development and application of supplier selection criteria
    • Bid evaluation
    • Contract award decision communication
    • Contract implementation and management
  • Critical tendering success factors

 Who Should Attend

  • Procurement staff and management involved in tendering
  • Supplier personnel interested in understanding their customers’ tendering behaviour.

In-house Courses       

This course can be readily customised to enable client specific procurement strategy, policy, guidance, process and systems to be incorporated into course materials and delivery.

We also have a public sector version of this course available which addresses the requirements of the UK (and EU) Public Sector Procurement Regulations when tendering.

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