Tendering is a critical stage in the sourcing of goods and services process which has a significant impact on the successful delivery of value for public sector organisations. Given the public sector procurement regulatory framework it is also crucial that tendering is carried out in accordance with organisational as well as regulatory defined procedures.

This 1 day tendering course is designed to provide a detailed understanding of the regulatory and governance requirements for tendering and how to approach the key stages in the tendering process.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this Tendering course delegates will:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the regulations regarding Public Sector tendering
  • Understand the principles of organisational governance around tendering (Standing Orders)
  • Be able to manage the process effectively (in line with procurement strategy and regulations)
  • Understand the importance and roles of stakeholders throughout the process
  • Be confident to take ownership of the tender process
  • Understand and be able to manage a tender exercise as a project


  • The organisation’s commercial vision and Public Sector stakeholder expectations
  • The principles of EU and UK Procurement Directive and Regulations
  • The application of the EU and UK Procurement Directive and Regulations in the public sector
  • Organisational thresholds and principles of proportionality
  • Aggregation rules and application of appropriate sourcing methods
  • Standing Orders / organisational policy
  • Activities and approaches at each stage in the Tendering process
    • Before You Start
    • Options
    • Risk Management Plan
    • Business Case
    • Procurement
    • Implementation
    • Business as Usual
  • Development and application of supplier selection criteria
    • Criteria and Weightings
    • Evaluation Panels
  • Tender Records and Administration
  • Critical tendering success factors

Who should attend

  • Procurement staff and management involved in tendering
  • Supplier personnel interested in understanding their customers’ tendering behaviour

In-house Courses     

This course can be readily customised to enable client specific procurement strategy, policy, guidance, process and systems to be incorporated into course materials and delivery.

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