The landscape of EU and UK public procurement regulations has changed in recent years with the introduction of the EU Procurement Directive (2014) and the UK Government Public Contract Regulations (2015). This landscape will continue to evolve as The Great Repeal Bill and Brexit are implemented. These regulations, which apply to all UK public sector organisations, promote free and fair competition and drive better value for money in public sector procurement and in doing so impose specific process requirements and expectations of both buyers and sellers. Any failure to apply these procedures correctly can lead to parties being open to legal challenge and investigation.

This 1 day workshop is designed to help delegates understand and effectively apply current (and future) UK Public Sector Procurement Regulations.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this workshop, delegates will:

  • Understand the purpose and objectives of the new EU Procurement Directive (2014)
  • Understand the purpose and objectives of the new UK Procurement regulations (2015)
  • Be better able to select and apply the most appropriate procurement procedures
  • Be able to plan the timescales for public procurements
  • Be aware of statements and practices that might compromise compliance with the Regulations
  • Understand how selection criteria can be framed to ensure compliance
  • Understand rights of challenge under the new Directive and Regulations
  • Be aware of the risks and potential sanctions for failing to comply with the new Regulations
  • Be aware of definitive changes to procurement regulations resulting from Brexit


  • The EU Procurement Directive (2014) and UK implementation of it through the UK Government Public Contract Regulations (2015)
  • ‘Mutuals’ and ‘Social Enterprises’
  • The New ‘Light Touch’ Regime
  • Encouraging Greater and Easier Access to Public Contracts
  • Streamlining the EU Procurement Processes
    • EU Compliant procurement
    • New EU procedures and their selection
    • Planning the procurement
    • Process stages
  • Selecting Suppliers, Tender Assessment and Contract Award
  • Other Provisions of the New Procurement Rules
  • Future changes to UK Public Sector Procurement Regulations

Who should attend

  • Public Sector staff with involvement in commissioning, procurement and contract management
  • Suppliers to the public sector involved in bidding for public sector contracts
  • (Please note this workshop does not specifically address the new EU Utilities Directive of 2014, the new Concessions Directive of 2014 or public expenditure on Defence and Warlike stores).

In-house Courses       

This course can be readily customised or adapted to enable client specific public procurement regulatory challenges and priorities to be incorporated into workshop materials and delivery.

As an in-house course this training offers a great opportunity for organisations to develop, share and “standardise” good procurement practice.


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