Bywater PSCM has significant experience in supporting organisations with supply chain strategy, configuration, processes and policies, competencies and skills. Whether it is the challenges of managing an effective warehouse operation, coordinating transport operations, dealing with the breadth and depth of inventory range, managing multi-site operations, forecasting demand or responding to the time critical nature of customer requirements, we can support you in the creation and management of an efficient and effective supply chain operation.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Given the increasingly complex technologies, lower margins, shorter life-cycles, tighter schedules, import complexities and legal compliance requirements in many supply chains, at Bywater PSCM we believe that supply chain optimisation is achieved through adopting the most up-to-date methodologies, having robust decision making capabilities, integrating efficiently up and down the supply chain and having the very best competencies and skills deployed to compete and flourish in an increasingly competitive environment.

At Bywater PSCM we have a range of services available to support you in optimising your supply chain operations:

Training and Delivery Support

Bywater PSCM support organisations to enhance the performance of those involved in supply chain activities from senior managers looking at the strategic aspects of supply chain such as channel and network design, storage and distribution, to those involved in operational planning and fulfilment, customer service and coordination with suppliers.

  • We have established a strong reputation in developing tailored in-house courses, aimed at addressing and supporting our clients’ specific needs and challenges, as well as offering a range of high quality “standard” introductory, intermediate and advanced level courses.
  • We also have significant experience in designing and delivering post-course facilitation and support interventions aimed at embedding course learning into working practices. These include action learning sets, project improvement teams and one to one coaching and mentoring.
  • To see our range of available procurement training courses see our Supply Chain Training Courses section

For further information see our Training and Delivery Support section.

Policy and Process Improvement

Bywater PSCM support organisations in the development, implementation and management of supply chain policies, procedures and associated systems.

  • Our process benchmarks and maturity models can be used to assess your supply chain process capability and provide an excellent basis for planning improvements.
  • Baseline and post-implementation process capability assessments and health checks provide a powerful audit and assessment of progress.
  • Guidelines, checklists and templates can all be provided from our best practice toolkits.

For further information see our Policy and Process Improvement Services section.

Competency Assessment

Bywater PSCM support organisations in identifying the competencies and skills required to manage their supply chain operations in the context of their unique organisational objectives and challenges.

  • We have a library of commercial competencies and skills from which we can support you in the development of your own Competency and Skills Framework.
  • We can carry out Training and Resourcing Needs Analysis (TRNA) to identify any competency and skills gaps to help those responsible to develop suitable interventions, including training, coaching, mentoring or recruitment.For further information see our Competency Assessment Services section.

“Our specialist consultants and trainers have the practical experience, technical knowledge and facilitation skills to make Supply Chain change really happen.”

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