The Bywater PSCM Supply Chain Management course portfolio offers a range of available options to support improved Supply Chain Management which are summarised below. Whilst all these courses are available off-the-shelf we are also specialists in customising training to address client specific Supply Chain Management challenges and objectives.

Supply Chain Management Course (2days)

  • Designed to develop understanding of the principles of effective supply chain design and management and it’s associated challenges and opportunities.
  • Suitable for procurement and logistics staff and management seeking to develop a deeper understanding of their extended supply chain and how to manage it more effectively in order to support the organisation’s goals.
  • This course provides practical tools and approaches to support the analysis and improvement of the supply chain in order to improve the organisation’s competitiveness. It looks at supply chain design, supply chain risk, sustainability issues and challenges, relationship management and supply chain competitiveness.
  • Available as an “in-house” course, for company / group bookings only.

Demand Planning and Inventory Management Course (2days)

  • Designed to provide understanding of the methodologies that can be used to support an organisation in forecasting demand and managing it’s inventory in order to achieve the desired level of customer service whilst minimising cost.
  • Suitable for those involved in planning the use, movement or purchase of materials, work in progress or finished goods and/or those responsible for inventory, inventory budgets and customer service levels.
  • This course provides a range of techniques that can be used to support improved forecast accuracy, optimize safety stock and plan replenishments.  It addresses multi-site demand and inventory challenges as well as techniques such as collaborative forecasting and planning.
  • Available as an “in-house” course, for company / group bookings only.

Warehousing and Distribution Management Course (2days)

  • Designed to develop understanding and application of good practice warehousing and distribution practices.
  • Suitable for warehouse and distribution supervisors and managers and those in other functions seeking to gain an appreciation of the role and operation of the warehouse and distribution area.
  • Provides insight into warehouse design and operations, transport planning, technology in logistics, regulations associated with the function and how the warehousing and distribution function adds value.
  • Available as an “in-house” course, for company / group bookings only.
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