Over the last few decades organisations have taken advantage of globalisation in order to sell, buy and manufacture internationally. They have typically also been engaged in the outsourcing of non-core activities whilst focussing on core capabilities that drive competitive advantage. Combine this with the increasing complexity of product and service requirements, shorter product life-cycles, faster delivery needs, price and cost reduction pressures and a general rise in competition, organisations recognise that the management of the supply chain is key to the delivery of the organisation’s goals and longer term success.

This 2-day course is designed to develop understanding of the principles of effective supply chain design and management and its associated challenges and opportunities. It provides practical tools and concepts to support the analysis of the current state and the development of plans for the future state.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this workshop delegates will:

  • Develop their understanding of supply chain principles and good practice
  • Learn and practice supply chain performance, risk and opportunity evaluation techniques
  • Develop appreciation of the concept of closed-loop supply chains
  • Develop an Action Plan towards improved supply chain management for their organisation
  • Have improved knowledge to influence stakeholder buy-in to supply chain value-add and business cases for supply chain improvement
  • Be able to share good practice with others


  • The principles of supply chain efficiency and effectiveness
  • Competitive advantage through the design and management of value-adding, and where possible closed loop supply chains
  • Lean and agile
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Supply chain risk assessment and mitigation approaches
  • Collaborative relationships in the supply chain
  • Integration opportunities and implementation
  • Mapping, measuring and improving supply chain performance
  • Developing the supply chain strategy
  • Setting up and managing a global supply chain

Who should attend

  • Procurement, logistics and operations staff seeking to develop their supply chain understanding
  • Managers involved in the design and set-up of up-stream and/or down-stream supply networks
  • Those responsible for the management of supply contracts/arrangements with suppliers
  • Staff involved in new product design seeking to ensure that the supply chain is capable of efficiently, compliantly and effectively supporting the organisations technology roadmap
  • Key staff from other functions seeking to gain an appreciation of the key role the supply chain plays in delivering success for their organisation

In-house Courses       

This course can be readily customised to enable client specific supply chain approaches, challenges and opportunities to be incorporated into workshop materials and delivery. As an in-house workshop it offers a great opportunity for shared supply chain understanding and development of good practice.

We also offer a post-course learning methodology which supports the embedding and application of good practice learned at the workshop back in the workplace, proven to deliver real value and ROI.


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