Configuring and managing the warehousing and distribution operation is key to the achievement of a company’s customer service and cost management goals.  With organisations competing on speed, reliability and flexibility and the ever increasing pressure for extended product ranges, shorter product life-cycles, customised delivery options and effective and efficient reverse logistics, warehouse and distribution functions are seen as a key driver of organisational success.

Designing, implementing and managing efficient and effective warehouse and distribution infrastructure and process often requires enhanced capability across all personnel and a general up-skilling of the function.

This 2-day course is designed to provide insight into warehouse design and operations, good practice transport planning and the role technology can play in supporting this key value adding function.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this workshop delegates will:

  • Develop their understanding and application of good practice warehouse and distribution management
  • Learn and practice skills which can be used to evaluate effectiveness of their own organisation’s warehousing and distribution processes
  • Enhance knowledge which will help explain the value-adding role of the function to key stakeholders
  • Developed an Action Plan towards improved warehousing and distribution for their organisation
  • Be better able to shared good practice with others


  • The role of the warehousing and distribution function within the organisation and its supply chain
  • Configuring warehousing and distribution for network optimisation
  • The role of third party and fourth party logistics providers (3PLs and 4PL) versus in-house capabilities
  • Warehousing good practice:
    • Optimal design, layout and resourcing
    • Push versus pull requirements
    • The lean and agile operation
    • Legislation
    • Performance measurement and improvement
    • Information Technology and the wireless warehouse
    • Security
  • Distribution good practice:
    • Selecting transport modes for optimisation
    • Load planning and transport scheduling and routing
    • Reverse logistics design and management
    • Performance measurement and improvement

Who should attend

  • Warehouse and distribution supervisors and managers
  • Inventory managers and planners who’s actions impact the warehousing and distribution function
  • Key staff from other functions seeking to gain and appreciation of the role and operation of the warehouse and distribution area

In-house Courses       

This course can be readily customised to enable client specific warehousing and distribution objectives, configurations, policy, technologies and challenges to be incorporated into workshop materials and delivery.

As an in-house workshop this training offers a great opportunity for organisations to develop, share and “standardise” good practice.

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