Bywater PSCM is a leading provider of training in the areas of Procurement, Contract Management, Supply Chain and Commercial Life Cycle Management. We have significant experience in delivering both ‘standard’ in-house courses at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels and also working with clients to develop context and client specific training courses, workshops and programmes.

Our proven track record in delivering enhanced value and a significant return on our clients’ training investment is underpinned by our unique training development methodology, excellent quality of delivery, relevant post-course learning support and efficient programme management capability.

Commercial Training Courses

Bywater PSCM have a range of “standard” commercial training courses which cover the subject matter most frequently requested of us. The focus of most of our courses are two-fold, firstly to enable staff to understand the key concepts and processes involved and then importantly to explore the application of the knowledge learned and development of the main skills involved. All our “standard” courses can be customised to your organisation (see Customised Training below). You can view our portfolio of “standard” commercial training courses here.

Customised Training

Customisation and contextualisation of our high quality “standard” materials ensures that our training is relevant to your organisational goals, environment, culture and operating procedures.  Incorporation of client critical content (eg. policies and procedures) along with tutor familiarisation ensures that our training is meaningful and relevant to your staff and meets your organisation specific needs.

Training Course Design

Bywater PSCM believe the design of our courses is one of the main factors differentiating us from our competitors. Through a process of continuous improvement we have developed a robust approach to training course development and design which ensures our courses are relevant, meaningful and engaging.

We achieve this by making sure we fully understand our clients’ training objectives, their staff current commercial skill levels and also preferred learning styles and then deploy a series of steps to design, draft materials, approve (QA) and finalise course content.

When designing our training we employ the most appropriate and engaging training techniques possible to ensure your staff develop the skills and competencies required to increase their effectiveness back in the workplace.

Post-Course Learning

Post-course action oriented learning is an approach Bywater PSCM have developed and refined with a number of clients whereby we continue to work with course attendees, and if appropriate their line managers and sponsors, to further embed the processes, techniques and skills introduced during their training.  The structure of this post-course learning is created at the programme development stage and is typically facilitated by action learning sets – a collaborative process whereby peer to peer support and tutor facilitation combine to resolve specific challenges and/or deliver improvements. In our experience the outcomes from these post-course learning activities are extremely fruitful in terms of delivering a return on investment from training.

Training Programme Management

Bywater PSCM has significant experience in developing and managing large programmes of commercial training tailored to your specific needs and designed to ensure the smooth running of your courses and development programmes.

In our experience every client is different in terms of their requirements for programme support depending on their in-house HR and administration capacity and practices but we can provide everything from programme launch events, pre-course delegate administration, venue management and course material printing to post-course delegate feedback administration, certificate issuance and training continuous improvement. We also have experience of working with Higher Education establishments to provide certification of client specific training qualifications.

Coaching and Mentoring

Bywater PSCM can provide task oriented coaching, by one of our experienced commercial practitioners, to support individuals within your organisation to deal with specific commercial issues, challenges or opportunities.  Typically short term in nature and focused on performance, coaching as a form of action oriented personalised training can be an alternative to class room training where there may only be a few employees in need of training or where specific individuals need extra support.

Mentoring is another area of Bywater PSCM capability.  Broader in nature than coaching and over a longer timescale, our mentors can support individuals with their professional, and often personal development and goals.

Business Improvement Delivery

Included in Bywater PSCM development programmes for some of our clients are the initiation of business improvement projects. Through a series of project workshops and on-going support from Bywater PSCM, employees work with sponsors to select a specific business improvement area and following research and analysis will prepare recommendations and detailed implementation plans – upon approval we can then go on to support your staff with their implementation. A valuable process for managers and sponsors combined with development of key employees, this process has delivered significant process and cost improvement for our clients.

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